Welcome to the world of Mysterius, where events can sometimes take an unexpected turn! 

Evening with friends? Family reunion? Corporate event? Mysterius will orchestrate a custom-made investigation game where twists occur at any moment!

How to play? Needing only a mobile device and a connection to an Internet network, the players gathered will be immersed in a world of investigation where the purpose of the game is to find the culprit of the misdeed! Players will also have the choice to perform certain actions that will influence the course of the story.

To win, you must accumulate the most points by quickly voting for the culprit and correctly answering the questions related to the information revealed during the game. The culprit of the mischief will have to mislead the other players to collect points.

djeanius team developed Mysterius games to include any type of player : The reveler, to those who wish to take on challenges, to interpret characters, to WIN or simply to get together for

an unforgettable experience.  

The regular price per player will be $ 3.99 CAN for a Mysterius game and may decreases depending on the number of gaming credits purchased. A Mysterius game can be played by up to 50 participants. The duration of games varies between 1-3 hours.

A unique gaming experience each time thanks to the mobile technology!


Actions proposed during the game

Mysterius will immerse you in a world of investigations where the choices you select will influence the course of the story. By pressing the action button, players will be able to participate at any time to certain interactive and often wacky actions which will add dynamism and the unexpected to the game.


We have thought of hundreds original actions!

It's a real challenge in itself, because the players only discover the action to be performed once the action button is pressed. This way, each player will live a different gaming experience every time! Some actions are accompanied by music and sounds, making the atmosphere conducive to the action being performed.

How to make points?

Throughout the game, players will be able to collect points in different ways. The winner will be the one with the most points!


Here are several ways to accumulate points in a Mysterius game: 

- Find the guilty character

Bonus points for the one who vote for the culprit first!

- Get the title of best costume

There's nothing better to dive into a role-playing game than to dress up!

- Get the title of best performer

All dressed up, why not play the character all the way?

- Sow doubts among other players

The player who is the culprit must hold the least votes at the end of the game to earn points.

- Answer correctly to quizzes

But be careful, a wrong answer can reset the point counter!


To win the game, finding the culprit is not enough! Participants will have to use strategy to proclaim themselves as winners!

Let yourself be transported by one of the
5 Mysterius games available: 

Discover them through the application Mysterius! 

Thank you to all contributors

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