A special thank you to all the people who have contributed in some way to what Mysterius is today. Your support and generosity made it possible to fulfill a dream, to achieve a great mission that will revolutionize the world of mobile games. A special thank you to partners, friends, and Kickstarter contributors who believed in the project from the beginning.

Contributeurs Kickstarter:

Yannick Poirier

Ryan Humphrey

Pierre Bourguignon

Marc-André Turgeon

Laurie Bourgeois

Georges Jean

Véronique Chartier

Chelsea Wheeler

Sylvain Poirier

Jean Poirier

Katie Billinghurst

Anita Browsna

Marguerite Charron

Noah Lewis

Michael Lefebvre

Martine Le Comte

Jonathan Gouin

Frederic Caustiguy

Martin Rivest

Julie Perreault

Baptiste Brylak

Georges Paquin

Sylvain Beaudry

Alain Laflamme

Domenic Castigny

Jacques Aubin

Andrew Forbes

Scott Forbes

Frédéric Martel

Anne-Sophie Gavelle

Geert Apers

Virginie Lamontagne

Eric Brouillette

Amelia W. Sheesley

Cynthia Rajnath

Geogette Pears

Gary Lange

Simon Rivest

Nathalie Rochon

Robert Framery

Sylvia Bascunan

Cheryl Navarro

Julia Knox

Connie Klein

Annie Brazeau

Jérôme Théberge

Sylvie Couture

Marc-André Jean


Hélène Perrier

Miguel Levasseur

Charles Jean

Reine Lamontagne

Jean-Pierre Therrien

6 anonymous contributors

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